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We are a team of enthusiasts and specialists in the field of premium meats, such as, above all, beef and lamb. After 30 years of our company Tender Meat sp.z o.o. (www.tendermeat.pl) on the gastronomic market we created BBQ.PL online store. It gave us a great opportunity to offer our wonderful customers who appreciate the highest quality meat and love to grill just like we do.

We have always said that what counts in food is not quantity but quality. Eating is a great pleasure when we have good products at our disposal. But it should be remembered that apart from the pleasure, what we eat has a direct impact on our health. By saving on products today at the expense of their quality, we have to take into account higher expenses on medicines in the future. 😊

It is also important that we must be responsible inhabitants of our planet and we should be aware of such factors related to meat production as, above all, animal welfare or the impact of production on the natural environment. We place great emphasis on this. We work only with responsible producers who follow the guidelines of sustainable agricultural production, guaranteeing a dignified life of farm animals and care for the natural environment.

BBQ.PL is our "youngest child". Through the online butcher's shop, our dream of creating a place where you can order the highest quality meat at any time of the day or night has come true and delivered perfectly secured to the door of your own home. It is a great pleasure and most important the great responsibility. We share our many years of experience and passion as best we can. We can’t disappoint your trust, because at the end of the day your opinion is the most important.  

Because everyone has different culinary tastes and their favorite flavors, in our store we try to offer a variety of products in various respects: country of origin, length of seasoning, thickness of steaks, variety of steak elements, level of marbling, etc., so that each of you can choose exactly the meat you are in the mood for. We try to make our offer as flexible as possible, but we never compromise when it comes to quality. All products offered in our store are of very high quality to ensure your culinary satisfaction every time you place an order with us.


But back to our history. We are a small family company Tender Meat sp.z o.o. (www.tendermeat.pl) on the market for over 30 years. The company was founded by a pair of IT specialists, Alicja Wierzbicka and Jerzy Wierzbicki, who in the early 1990s wanted to leave computers and deal with meat trade. It started with pork, and the first butcher shops appeared in the small town of Płońsk, approx. 60 km from Warsaw. Later there was a small slaughterhouse and the production of various pork products such as home-made cold cuts, sausages, black pudding and other delicacies to supply the above-mentioned butcher shops. At the same time, international trade developed, mainly based on the export and import of beef and pork offal.


In the 90s in Poland, culinary beef was not a popular meat, it can be safely said that such meat was not yet available in our country. The production of native beef was based on "waste" from milk production. Dairy cattle that ceased to be productive were sent to the slaughterhouse and such beef was sold to the consumer market. That is why Poles did not like beef, which was lean, hard and, apart from the option for stewing or cooking, practically useless for anything else.

On the occasion of the trade in offal, the founders of our company began to visit countries where beef production was based on breeds of beef cattle for generations, intended for obtaining high-quality culinary beef. The Americans spreaded on us their real love for beef. The fascination with high-quality beef was born during the first trips to the USA. The BBQ culture, the celebration of grilling together with friends and family inspired us to start bringing such meat to Poland. . We found our niche.


Culinary beef has quickly become loved by Polish gastronomy. At that time, Polish beef was several times cheaper than beef from Western Europe, not to mention beef from the USA. However, chefs quickly realized that the preparation of beef was very easy if they had a raw material of high, repeatable qualityat their disposal and sales, despite the higher price, started to increase rapidly. Previously, only beef tenderloin reigned in Polish restaurants, because it was the only beef element suitable for steaks. Chefs quickly discovered that you can make great ribeye steaks, roast beef, hanger, bavette, blade, and even rump steaks, if the beef is of high quality, comes from a beef cattle breed, juvenile, and is properly seasoned.

American beef, charmed the chefs due to its very repeatable quality. Steak was of exactly the same quality, every time they ordered it. It was a total lottery when it comes to the level of meat quality, a failure in the form of a concrete-hard piece of beef. Until now! We understood Poland has a large market interest in repetitive high-quality beef. In response to that we have developed our assortment with beef from other countries known for premium beef, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, England, Australia, Scotland, Ireland and Japan.

With the introduction of new products, we focused on educating and training about what is premium beef. We’ve organized trips to the USA for the current Polish chefs gastronomy icons (when it comes to knowledge of beef), and that's how the beginning of their culinary career started. They learned the techniques and secrets of grilling where the world heart of the art of grilling and BBQ beats. In the following years, we organized numerous trainings and workshops in Poland, sharing the experience we had gathered, which we managed to gain quite a lot over the years.

Over the years, the range of our company's products has naturally expanded to include other meats. In particular, lamb, venison, premium poultry and exotic meats. However, we have always focused on ensuring that the products we deliver are of the highest quality.


The owners of our company, however, were still unsatisfied. Since they could import delicious culinary beef from abroad, they set themselves the goal of creating a base for the production of Polish culinary beef. After all, Poland has excellent natural conditions and fantastic farmers who could learn to produce such beef. It was then that the organization of cattle livestock producers, the( Polish Beef Association , was established, headed by high-quality beef experts, including one of the founders of our company and the President of PZPBM, Jerzy Wierzbicki. The key to premium beef production is the production of high-quality livestock. It is about appropriate breeds of cattle and the way of breeding (welfare, nutrition, etc.). A group of enthusiasts, experts, scientists, representatives of meat plants and agricultural producers have worked hard for many years to create the first Polish national food quality system with production standards that guarantee the repeatable high quality of beef QMP (Quality Meat Program). Today, Polish beef has fantastic quality and is appreciated for it on foreign markets and, of course, in Poland, both by consumers and gastronomy.