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Secreto belly 1.2 kg - Iberico Pork Spain

A super crispy and juicy piece of pork from the shoulder blade cut - frozen product

Catalogue index: Wie000024

Perfect for grilling and frying in a pan.

  • Price PLN per 1 kg:
    • 124.42
  • Package weight [kg]:
    • 1.2
US$38.87 -20% US$31.10 gross
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Polish Beef Tenderloin Premium

Made of young cattle. Weight 1.8kg - frozen product

Catalogue index: Woł000288

Polish tenderloin, valued for its exceptional delicacy and tenderness, is perfect for a special occasion and every day.

  • Price PLN per 1 kg:
    • 101.6
  • Country of origin:
  • Package weight [kg]:
    • 1.8
US$47.61 -20% US$38.09 gross
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