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Kangaroo steaks

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If you fancy a bit of extravagance in the kitchen, we recommend kangaroo steaks. In Australia, kangaroo meat is treated similarly to venison or wild boar meat in Poland. It is quite a popular game meat in that region. Its preparation, however, requires some skill. The texture and tenderness is even similar to our native venison. Kangaroo meat is very low in fat, while it is characterized by high protein and iron content. The taste of the meat is quite surprising. It is determined by the diet of kangaroos. They are grazed in areas with very diverse vegetation from the Australian prairie to forests. These animals have a very diverse menu, which can be sensed in the rich aromatic bouquet of the meat. 

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  • Price for 100g: 16.74 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    16.74 zł
  • Origin: Australia
Kangaroo steak is a delicious and healthy meat from Australian game. It is ideal for frying and grilling. Kangaroo meat is extremely lean. For every hundred grams of kangaroo steak, there are only one or two grams of...

What part are kangaroo steaks made of

Strong and fast - this is what the kangaroo is. The size of its leg muscles is due to the many kilometers covered each day. Breeders make sure that each animal is given the right amount of exercise every day. This is extremely important for the quality of the meat obtained from them. Steaks offered in our store are obtained precisely from the leg of the kangaroo.

How to prepare kangaroo

The portions available in our store are frozen. After thawing, kangaroo steaks are ready for further thermal processing.

There are many ways of preparation. They are very suitable for frying or grilling, this is the technique we recommend for their preparation. Kangaroo steaks will also work well in cooking techniques such as stir fry and braising.

You can throw them on the grill right away, treating them similarly to a leaner cut of beef. However, we recommend preparing a tendering marinade to let the meat tenderize a bit for a few hours. The right marinade will also conquer the flavor. Its ingredients depend solely on your ingenuity. Kangaroo steaks will find themselves in the company of both simple spices and more exotic ones. For tendering you can use citrus juices or red wine. 



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