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Deer is one of the largest animals living in forests on Polish territory. This undisputed ruler of the forest inspires great admiration and respect. Deer meat, referred to as noble, is the most luxurious species of game. In ancient times only, the king had the right to hunt these dignified animals. Each type of venison in our offer is of the highest quality, but whatever we do, deer meat will still be considered the best. The deer has earned this reputation, of course, by the exquisite, dry taste of its meat. The variety of elements and their culinary uses provides endless possibilities for creating amazing, elegant dishes for a special occasion.

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  • Origin: New Zealand
Burgers made from venison can surprise you with their original yet sensational taste. Deer burger is one of the most flavorful you can imagine and goes perfectly with a buttery bun, sauces and fresh vegetables. The...
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  • Origin: Poland
The deer french racks is probably the best meat you can buy from venison. The texture of the meat is unbelievably tender, and the depth of flavor is downright epic thanks to the animal's natural diet based on forest...
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  • Origin: Poland
Boneless deer leg is a classic proposal for a delicious venison roast. Deer is the king of Polish forests and can certainly be the real crowning glory of many a special feast. This incredibly aromatic piece of meat is...
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  • Origin: Poland
Deer stew is diced venison of the highest quality from Polish forests. It can be used as an alternative to beef stew. Incredibly aromatic and full of natural "wild" flavor from forest fruits, grasses, mosses, herbs...

Deer in royalty

The position of this proud animal in the forest hierarchy and the centuries-old culinary tradition of our country means that deer can be considered a true aristocrat in the world of game meat. Deer meat was hosted on royal tables, while antlers adorned the walls of palaces and palaces, testifying to the hunting skills of the rulers of the time.

Not insignificant for the qualities of the meat and the variety of culinary uses are the animal's size. Compared to other forest dwellers, deer are huge. From one piece, you can prepare a supply of meat for months or make a great meat feast for dozens of people. However, it is not necessary to order a whole piece in our store. You can choose your favorite piece and prepare a unique feast for a smaller circle of family and friends.

Deer meat noble and healthy

Regardless of the form of serving, the meat of the king of the forest is very healthy. Thanks to the abundance of protein, it will be an important and interesting at the same time diversification of the diet, including a reducing one. And the vitamins, mineral salts, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron contained in it will have a positive effect on health and fitness.

How to prepare deer

Deer meat has an intense flavor therefore we need not be afraid of marinating the meat. Even a strongly herbal, aromatic marinade will not be able to dominate the taste of the meat. It is worth preparing a marinade that will make the meat extra tender, that is, with the addition of alcohol, for example, the marinade can contain: red wine, rosemary and thyme. These ingredients are very simple, but they perfectly emphasize the flavor of deer meat. Such noble meat requires commitment and a certain amount of work, respect and attentiveness on the part of the cook, for which he will more than repay with outstanding taste. Recipes and culinary inspiration on how to prepare game dishes can also be found on our blog.

Deer burgers

If you want to try deer in a less demanding form, we recommend delicious burgers. These can be defrosted right away and prepared on the grill or grill pan, and after a while you can enjoy their excellent taste with your favorite toppings.



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