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Striploin for roast

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If you are looking for an element full of meat flavor and delicate at the same time, choose striploin. This item meets all the requirements of meat lovers. It belongs to the group of dorsal muscles, the most valuable and tastiest in the whole carcass. You can easily portion it into steaks. Saving at the same time, because he is not charged with additional portioning and packaging costs on our side. Each striploin from our offer comes from the best producers and has the highest, repeatable quality. It has been aged for a minimum of 40 days. Each time you will be able to achieve culinary success, which will delight the most demanding guests. It doesn't matter if you roast it whole or fry it in steaks.

611.68 zł
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  • Price for 100g: 15.29 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    15.29 zł
  • Origin: Argentina
  • Quality assurance: Argentine Quality Beef
A true classic for meat connoisseurs and one of the most prized steak items. Striploin from Argentine Angus beef was obtained from cattle grazing in the vast pastures of the Pampas. This 100% natural cut of grass fed...

What part of the carcass does the striploin come from?

Striploin is an element extending from the hip bone to the shoulder blade in the dorsal part of the carcass. It is part of the longissimus dorsi and the upper part of the oblique abdominis. Similarly to the ribeye, the striploin is in the group of dorsal muscles, and therefore the best for steaks because it does almost no motor work.

A taste that all carnivores love

It is recognized as one of the best elements in the carcass. It is so good that it does not require any marinating before preparation if grilled in steaks. If you plan to make a roast, it is worth preparing a delicious, intense marinade for it. We do not have to worry that it will dominate the taste of meat. Roast beef is so delicious that the marinade will only emphasize its unique culinary qualities. It's also marbled enough to be perfect for a roast. It is protected by an additional layer of fat, which will give it a unique juiciness and aroma.



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