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Did you know that picanha is more expensive in South America than tenderloin? In Argentina or Brazil, this element is considered one of the most valuable in the entire beef carcass. The region consumes the most beef in the world, and grilled picanha is by far the most beloved cut of meat. The reason for this unquestionable fascination is, of course, the taste. Incredibly intense and satisfying for carnivores everywhere. The characteristic layer of fat on its surface penetrates the meat during grilling and gives it an almost legendary taste and juiciness. Prepare it in steaks or Brazilian style on swords for a Rio Carnival experience.

Picanha Black Angus USA Picanha Black Angus USA
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  • Origin: USA
  • Quality assurance: USDA CHOICE
Picanha Black Angus USA is the best part from the leg muscle group for grilling and roasting. It is a beloved item in South America and is more expensive there than tenderloin. There is about a 1.5 cm layer of fat on...

What part of the carcass does the picanha come from

Picanha is also known as cross-covered (M. gluteobiceps). It is one of the hamstring muscles. The element is quite a lean muscle in itself, while a layer of fat about one and a half centimeters is left on it, which melts during preparation and adds flavor and juiciness. This element is most appreciated by beef lovers in Argentina and Brazil for the intense, full flavor of the meat.

Prepare it in steaks or grill it on skewers. You can also roast it whole. It will taste great in any form.



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