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Crocodile steaks

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Crocodiles are reptiles with an aquatic and terrestrial lifestyle. In Poland, you can see them in the zoo or, increasingly, on the plate. The crocodile steaks available in our offer will surprise you with both taste and texture. And the guests to whom you serve them will certainly not know what they are eating (as long as you do not reveal it to them). Crocodile steaks are unusual in many ways. At first, the very appearance of the meat causes consternation. The name steak evokes an image of red meat in the imagination. Meanwhile, crocodile meat is white. Anyone who sees it therefore expects fish or poultry. Then comes another surprise which is the texture and taste of this meat. And here we actually have the impression that we are eating something like chicken with the taste of fish or vice versa. A very interesting meat. It is worth checking out this original taste for yourself.

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Crocodile tail filet is an exotic meat whose flavor is sure to surprise any culinary explorer. As with most meats, the cut has a major impact on quality and flavor. The tail filet is the most tender part. Bearing in...
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  • Origin: RPA
Crocodile back fillet for steaks is a very interesting, exotic barbecue option for anyone who loves to experiment in the kitchen and explore new flavors. Crocodile meat is mild in flavor, with a firm and tender...

Crocodile meat full of surprises

We have already established that crocodile steaks have a very original taste and texture. It's a mix of fish and seafood flavors with the taste of poultry. As for the texture of the meat, it is very pleasant when eating. The meat is very tender and compact, it does not fall apart. 

The taste is quite controversial, but it finds many amateurs. It is a real delicacy in the US or Africa, where it is raised for meat.

How to prepare crocodile steaks

Preparation of crocodile steak is very simple. It can be fried in a homemade pan or prepared on the grill. We recommend seasoning it with spices for fish or poultry. The best will be light and citrusy, which will emphasize the flavor of the meat well, but will not dominate it.

What part are crocodile steaks made of

In some parts of the world, crocodiles are prepared like a whole roast on a grill or over a campfire. The steaks available in our store come from the back or tail. This is where you will find the most tender muscles ideal for frying.  

Crocodile meat very healthy and filling

Crocodile steaks are not only healthy and dietary. Thanks to the large amount of easily digestible protein, you can eat them. This exotic delicacy is a source of many vitamins, especially those of the B group, and minerals such as phosphorus and potassium. Which, combined with its low calorie content, makes it a very interesting proposition for those strictly watching their diets. Especially since the fat content per serving is minimal, which is important for those complaining about cholesterol problems. But this is not the end of the unique properties. Crocodile meat also contains omega-3 fatty acids, supplementation of which is recommended for everyone.



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