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Beef carpaccio

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Beef carpaccio is a classic Italian dish. They can be served as an elegant appetizer or treated as a delicious, light and nutritious lunch dish. Carpaccio is very thinly sliced ​​raw beef. The highest quality beef was used for the production of carpaccio in our store's offer. Our suppliers are the best producers from the EU. The quality of the meat is crucial for this product, because we do not heat it. Our carpaccio has a velvety texture and is very tender. It tastes great with the addition of high-quality olive oil, fresh Parmesan cheese and a bit of arugula to spice up the taste. In addition, a piece of fresh, crusty bread and a glass of red wine will be perfect.

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  • Origin: Poland
Polish beef carpaccio is extremely tender, thinly sliced beef from the best domestic breeders. It delights with its exquisite and full flavor. Accompanied with arugula, freshly grated Parmesan, a touch of high-quality...
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Beef Carpaccio with olive oil and Parmesan is a velvety and exceptionally exquisite, full-flavored appetizer. Ideal for connoisseurs of good taste. The highest quality beef is sliced into very thin flakes that...
24.89 zł
Roos Carpaccio is a hand-cut premium product. The brand's philosophy revolves around the highest quality ingredients. Each portion of carpaccio is 100% pure beef, without any additives or preservatives. Producers from...

What ingredients can be used to make beef carpaccio yourself

You can make beef carpaccio at home. Beef tenderloin or beef eye round will work best for this. Before slicing, it is worth freezing the element a little to make it easier to slice.



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