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Pheasant is the perfect proposition for a special occasion. Pheasant meat is very tasty and refined. It is at the same time capricious and requires a certain culinary artistry. Properly treated, however, rewards all the hardships. The noble taste is the reason why it is worth making an effort during preparation. Like most venison dishes, this bird is one of the delicacies of Old Polish cuisine. There is no shortage of fantastic recipes and if you follow the guidelines step by step, the result should be delightful.

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  • Origin: England
English wild pheasant is an extremely noble meat ideal for a special occasion. It is prized by connoisseurs around the world for its delicate, exquisite flavor. Pheasant has found its place in European traditional...

A pheasant for the patient

We definitely do not recommend it to people who like easy-to-prepare instant dishes. Pheasant meat has all the traps that an inexperienced cook can fall into. First of all, it contains a negligible amount of fat and is easy to dry. Instead of the aforementioned fat, it has a certain amount of tougher membranes and tendons, which is a challenge to skillfully soften them using properly selected culinary techniques. We recommend recipes from our blog, which should be helpful for beginners in the culinary arts.

Health pill

Although the pheasant is not trivial to prepare, its meat is a real health pill. Perfect for people on a diet, because pheasant meat is lean and low in calories. In addition, it is rich in easily digestible protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Exquisite taste

If you intend to serve pheasant at an important event, it is better to use a recipe that you have already practiced. In addition, not everyone will like pheasant meat, even if properly prepared. It has a distinctive, refined smell and taste (slightly tart). Connoisseurs and gourmets will recognize pheasant meat with their eyes closed. They will certainly appreciate the delicious, aromatic roast from this exquisite bird.



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