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Lamb steaks

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Lamb steaks served during a BBQ party or family dinner are a great idea and an interesting alternative to beef steaks. You can throw them on the grill and after a while enjoy the unique taste of this delicate meat. They are very quick and very easy to prepare. Their additional advantage is, of course, the excellent taste and aroma of lamb. For us, it is most associated with sunny holidays in Greece 😊.

130.78 zł
  • Origin: France
French lamb chops from loin are characterized by extraordinary juiciness and tenderness. They are obtained from lambs fattened with high-energy feed, so they contain just the right amount of flavorful fat. They taste...
17.38 zł
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  • Origin: England
British lamb chops are an excellent idea for a special dinner. The delicious, juicy, and very tender lamb meat will be enjoyed by both older and younger members of the family. Anyone who has had the opportunity to try...
40.97 zł
  • Origin: Bulgaria
Fry Bulgarian lamb bone in leg steaks in a flash in a frying pan or on the grill. Bulgarian lamb is characterized by full flavor and aroma. However, keep in mind that this is an item from the leg of lamb therefore, to...
43.40 zł
  • Origin: Ireland
Irish lamb leg bone in steaks are very simple and quick to prepare. The exceptionally tender lamb meat is produced on the green pastures of Ireland in harmony with nature and centuries-old tradition. Irish lamb is a...
50.36 zł
Item weight
  • Origin: England
We carefully prepare British lamb T-bone steaks in our facility. We portion them by cutting one of the most noble cuts from the lamb carcass. We recommend preparing them on a home skillet or on the grill. Very lean,...
32.46 zł
  • Origin: England
We prepare lamb leg steaks in our facility by hand-cutting pieces from the finest British lamb. It's a delicate piece of meat perfect for grilling or cooking on a home skillet. You can prepare it in just a few...

Fit grilled dish

Are you bored of the famous tomahawks and Rib Eye (we know it's not possible ;)? But maybe you are looking for something in a more handy size, with less fat? Lamb steaks are what you are looking for.

Lamb is lean, healthy and rich in nutrients. Some experts believe that it even has anti-cancer properties. It is an excellent proposition for everyone who cares about health and a slim figure. And at the same time it is so tasty and delicate that even children, who are quite picky when it comes to grilled food, love it.

A neat portion

Compared to beef, lamb steaks are much smaller. This makes it easier to prepare them, for example, in a small, home-made frying pan. It is also a friendly portion, especially for women and children. In our store, we have portions from the leg and saddle, which are the most delicate for steaks. Leg chops of lamb have no protruding bone. It will be easier to serve them in a traditional form on a plate. But if you want to eat a ready dish without using cutlery, for example during a barbeque party, saddle will be perfect. The protruding bone allows you to comfortably hold the meat in your hands and consume it with pleasure like our ancestors.

How to cook lamb steaks

No matter which part of the carcass you choose, you must handle it properly. Lamb is very tender and although the fat in it keeps it juicy, you have to be careful not to over-draw it. These are thin steaks and they literally take a few minutes to prepare.

The meat goes very well with all additives: marinades, spices and sauces. However, if you serve them sautéed with salt and pepper, you won't be disappointed either.



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