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Duck meat is consumed all over the world, and is particularly popular in China. It is a rich source of protein, as well as many vitamins and minerals. When it comes to this meat, there is often a debate as to whether to consider duck meat as red meat or white meat. Its color is dark blood-colored. Also like beef, it is served at a fried degree of medium rare. The idea is that it should be served beautifully pink inside and juicy. For us, the most important thing is that the rich fat content makes duck meat incredibly delicious and flavorful. It has much more flavor than chicken or turkey, and we love it for that.

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  • Origin: Hungary
Discover the refined taste of duck foie gras. This exclusive delicacy is beloved by chefs. It comes from ducks raised in a special way to obtain the most delicate, subtle, velvety taste of meat. Foie gras is perfect...
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  • Origin: Poland
Peking duck is considered one of the finest types of poultry meat. It belongs to the category of red meats. Duck meat, even when roasted, retains its juiciness and tenderness. In addition to its fantastic culinary...
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  • Origin: Poland
Peking duck leg is a true delicacy for connoisseurs. Duck meat is renowned as a genuine culinary specialty. Apart from its excellent flavor characteristics, it also serves as an exceptionally nutritious source of...
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  • Origin: Poland
The Peking duck breast is considered the most flavorful, leanest, and most delicate meat from the entire carcass. In general, duck meat is regarded as a true delicacy. Apart from its excellent culinary attributes, it...

How to prepare duck meat

The best cooking technique for duck is roasting. It can be roasted in two ways. One is "spatchcocking", which means removing the backbone and roasting the duck "flattened". This form is an easier way of preparation. It allows for more even and faster roasting. The second way is to prepare a classic roast, roasting the bird whole.

As with the goose, it is advisable to incise or pierce the duck breast with a sharp knife. You can make slanted cuts, forming something like a checkerboard. We don't need to season with fancy spices. To taste the natural, delicious flavor of duck meat, all you need is pepper and salt. We also don't need additional fat. The duck itself has the right amount of fat in the skin, which will give us enough juiciness. After roasting, the skin will become perfectly crispy and delicious.

It is worth baking in a roasting pan. We can add to it favorite spicy vegetables and potatoes by arranging them on the bottom. The fat rendered from the duck will add to their deliciousness. It's a good idea to add a little water to the bottom so they don't burn.

For the first half hour, we should bake at a temperature of about 230°C. Then you can lower the temperature to about 170°C and bake for another hour or so, until the temperature in the meat (best to check in the middle of the thigh) reaches 74°C.



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