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Beef cheeks

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Beef cheeks have recently become very fashionable again. They were a dish well known in Old Polish cuisine. Now they are coming back in a big way. They are very simple to prepare, but require quite a lot of time. Since they contain a large amount of connective tissue, time is needed for it to dissolve. They should be simmered for several hours. They are very rich in collagen which makes their texture after preparation sticky, buttery and the meat literally melts in the mouth. It has plenty of flavor. It goes perfectly with typically Polish side dishes such as mashed potatoes and sweet beets. This dish also goes perfectly with red wine. That's why it's an ideal choice for an exquisite dinner for two.

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  • Origin: Poland
Incredibly tender beef cheeks from noble Polish beef are perfect for braising and sous vide cooking techniques. Beef from this element is full of precious collagen thanks to its rich connective tissue content. In...

Our offer

The beef cheeks offered in our store are made of Polish beef from the best Polish producers. We carefully select plants that offer beef from young cattle. Such beef requires shorter heat treatment and has a better taste. This product is also loved by restaurants for its quality and affordable price.

How best to prepare beef cheeks

We need to stew the beef cheeks for a few hours to make them perfect. A pressure cooker is also perfect for their preparation. Just throw in the meat, add aromatic, classic spices, a bit of red wine and vegetables and you can forget about our meat for a few hours. This is a very simple and convenient dish. Also incredibly tasty. We recommend our recipes on the blog.



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