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Lamb french racks

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French racks of lamb is the noblest of lamb elements. Its delicate, juicy meat, coming from the lumbosacral section, is appreciated by chefs around the world for its unique culinary qualities. Incredibly delicate and juicy french racks is perfect for roasting whole. You can also cut it into steaks and fry it in a homemade grill pan or on the grill. Lamb is the perfect meat for people who follow a healthy lifestyle and those who care about their impeccable figure. It is simply perfect for a special occasion. If you want to prepare an important dinner or Christmas dinner, this will be the right dish that will delight every meat connoisseur.

288.35 zł
Item weight
  • Price for 100g: 22.18 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    22.18 zł
  • Origin: England
English lamb french racks delights with the extremely tender texture of the meat and the wonderful aroma of premium lamb. French racks is the most tender element in a lamb carcass. In addition, English grass fed lamb...
230.26 zł
Item weight
  • Price for 100g: 24.24 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    24.24 zł
  • Origin:
New Zealand lamb french racks is a fantastic item for roasting whole or for cutting into chops and grilling. The meat from the french racks is extremely tender and flavorful, appreciated by lamb lovers around the...
57.15 zł
  • Price for 100g: 17.86 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    17.86 zł
  • Origin: Ireland
Irish lamb french racks steaks are a real delicacy for lovers of this kind of meat. Full of flavor, grass fed lamb of the highest quality is perfect for both an everyday dinner and a special occasion. The tender,...
60.61 zł
  • Price for 100g: 15.15 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    15.15 zł
  • Origin: Bulgaria
Bulgarian lamb french racks roast joint is the perfect portion of delicious meat for dinner for two. Just marinate it in aromatic herbs and put it in the oven. Bulgarian lamb is characterized by its great flavor. The...
23.83 zł
Item weight
  • Price for 100g: 11.92 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    11.92 zł
  • Origin: England
British lamb chops are an excellent idea for a special dinner. The delicious, juicy, and very tender lamb meat will be enjoyed by both older and younger members of the family. Anyone who has had the opportunity to try...
114.67 zł
  • Price for 100g: 12.07 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    12.07 zł
  • Origin: France
French lamb chops from loin are characterized by extraordinary juiciness and tenderness. They are obtained from lambs fattened with high-energy feed, so they contain just the right amount of flavorful fat. They taste...

The characteristic taste and aroma of a delicate lamb french racks

French racks is an excellent portion of meat without a doubt. It can be prepared in many ways. It will be perfect with various additions, both herbal and fruity. It tastes great in the sauté version. It goes well with bread, groats, potatoes and other vegetables. It has a very delicate and juicy meat, with a structure that melts in the mouth, and a characteristic taste and aroma. These features make it loved by children, women and men looking for a more refined culinary experience. Everyone who once tastes lamb french racks wants to come back to this taste as often as possible.

How to prepare french racks

You can roast it whole or prepare it in the form of handy cutlets for frying or grilling. The bone not only gives the dish an additional visual and taste effect, but also facilitates consumption. French racks is best marinated for about 1.5 hours before preparation in fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Subsequent heat treatment will not take much time. It is very tender meat. The only thing you need to remember is to avoid excess salt. Too much salt in the marinade can "draw" too much moisture, and once again, this is a very tender meat. We want it to stay as juicy and melt in your mouth as possible.

French racks can be roasted in the oven, fried in a pan or grilled whole. You can find many recipes on our blog. It's not that difficult. However, it requires some practice. In the beginning, follow the instructions in the recipes and you will surely achieve the desired culinary success.

Why you should eat lamb

Lamb meat, apart from its undeniable taste, is also very healthy. Derived from lambs up to 12 months of age, it is low in calories. In addition, it provides many minerals, vitamins and amino acids, supporting a balanced diet. The limited amount of saturated fat helps keep cholesterol in check. Increasingly, there is also talk about its antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. It is also a source of folic acid, B vitamins, as well as: phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron and zinc.



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