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Quail is a delicacy of French cuisine. It is also a beloved grilled dish in Australia, for example. Quail is a very small, but extremely flavorful bird. This small size gives the meat a delicate texture, much more tender than chicken or duck meat. Quail is best prepared whole. It has incredibly aromatic meat characterized by a unique richness of flavor. This intensity comes from the birds' constant activity in search of food in nature. The flavor builds into the meat giving an exceptionally fantastic culinary effect. In addition, the culinary qualities are enhanced by the very pleasant texture of the meat itself, springy, compact and at the same time very tender.

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  • Origin: France
Quail has exceptionally tender and flavorful meat with a firm texture. In the country on the Seine, this type of poultry is outright idolized. Quail meat, in addition to being incredibly tasty, is also very lean and...

Portion for one person 

The first thing you'll notice is the very small size of one bird. It is advisable to serve two quail per person.

How to prepare quail

There are very many ways to prepare quail meat. You can fry, bake, grill, smoke or braise quail. It is important not to "overstretch" the meat, as it is very tender, and you want it to be juicy. We recommend a much shorter preparation time than for fowl of a larger size.

Quail can be marinated, but a short marinade is sufficient. Also, the marinade itself should not be too intense. Quail has very tender meat and you need to be careful that the marinade does not dominate it. Then you will get an excellent natural flavor.

Check out the recipes on our blog.

Nutritional values of quail meat

Quail meat provides many health benefits and is a great addition to the diet. Quails are high in protein (21g per 100g of meat), which is the basic building block of muscle. Quails are also rich in vitamin B12, with more than 500% of the daily requirement. They also contain vitamin A and E. The average person should consume 455 milligrams of iron each day. Quail meat contains 4-8% of the daily requirement for this element. 



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