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Hare is a wild forest animal. Therefore, hare meat is an incredible delicacy, unfortunately appearing on tables extremely rarely.  This is a pity, because this type of venison hides a huge potential for taste and health. It is considered a luxury product and, in our opinion, should definitely be hosted in Polish homes more often. Especially since it is associated with a whole history of fantastic, traditional Polish cuisine. It is often confused with rabbit. Despite the physical similarities, hare meat is much healthier than farmed rabbit. A hare living in the wild eats naturally, in harmony with nature, which has a huge impact on the quality and taste and health benefits of the meat. 

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  • Origin: Argentina
Hare hind leg is the perfect portion of meat for a special dinner for two. You can roast them or braise them with plenty of aromatic spices, root vegetables and a splash of white wine for an even more tender meat...
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  • Origin: Argentina
Hare meat is light, lean and very tender. It is a delicacy of traditional European cuisine for many reasons. It is excellent roasted whole, but also stewed in the form of an aromatic dish. The taste of hare meat...

Health benefits

The unquestionable advantage of hare is the negligible amount of fat. At the same time, each piece is a solid portion of easily digestible protein. Importantly, it does not increase cholesterol levels. Thus, it is suitable for people suffering from diseases of the digestive system or the civilization diseases so popular today, such as atherosclerosis.

The appearance and taste of venison

Hare is one of the many types of venison available in our store. A subtle sweetness is perceptible in each piece. Its meat is redder before heat treatment and requires more time to tenderize. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a marinade for a couple of hours.  

How to prepare hare meat

The first association is pate. This dish has a well-established position in the culinary history of our country. Hare pâté was enjoyed by the nobility at numerous feasts. It was served to kings, as well as diplomats visiting Poland. However, the items we offer are not intended for pâté. For them, we strongly recommend such cooking techniques as roasting and braising. These cooking techniques will perfectly bring out the noble flavor of this meat. Like all venison, hare goes perfectly with forest ingredients such as mushrooms and berries. It flavors and tenderizes very well in wine. We guarantee that tender and tender hare meat served with a sauce of berries, blackberries or a buttery mushroom sauce will delight the most demanding taste buds. Recipes can be found on our blog.



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