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Since ancient times, roast goose has been served during holidays and various important celebrations. In Poland, it has been growing in popularity for several years, and our country is one of the largest producers in Europe.  Our geese come from the best Polish producers with extensive experience in producing top quality meat. Goose meat is quite fatty, but this fat gives the goose incredible juiciness and flavor. Melted during preparation, it will be perfect for enhancing the flavor of classic side dishes such as boiled or baked potatoes. 

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Goose foie gras is praised by connoisseurs of taste for its extremely subtle, delicate texture and refined flavor. Exceptionally velvety and melt-in-the-mouth, the meat is a perfect appetizer, ideal for serving at a...

How to prepare a goose

There are plenty of recipes on how to prepare goose. This meat is ideal for a classic roast. As for practical tips for preparation before roasting, it is definitely worth cleaning it from excess fat. You can use this fat for many dishes. You can pour it over the side dishes of the finished roast or prepare an excellent aromatic roasting sauce. Prick the skin of the goose all over to allow the fat to escape during roasting. Remove the rendered excess with a spoon every 30 minutes or so.

Note that, as with other poultry, during roasting the breast will come first and may dry out, while the thighs, for example, are not yet ready. This can be prevented by frequently watering the breast with rendered fat to keep it juicy. 

The goose is ready when the meat is about 70°C. It is also important whether you make the roast with or without filling. For each kg of roast without filling, we need 20 to 30 minutes. For roasts with stuffing, 35 to 45 minutes respectively. 



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