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Baby chicken

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"Poussin" is a popular delicacy in France, which perfectly finds its way to the Polish table. Mini cockerels called also baby chickens, as they are referred to, are tasty, healthy and look very impressive on the plate. Perfect for a barbecue and as an idea for a tasty, healthy dinner. Baby chicken is a premium meat. When you buy it, you can be sure that you are eating poultry free of hormones and antibiotics. It is a product that children can eat. Baby chickens are raised in harmony with nature 100% free range. They are fed only high-quality grains without chemical additives or GMOs. You can recognize the quality by the compact and firm texture of the meat, mini cockerels are thus full of flavor and aroma. Perfect for roasting and for preparation on the grill.

85.10 zł
  • Price for 100g: 8.51 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    8.51 zł
  • Origin: France
White baby chicken delights with extraordinary palatability and firm texture of meat, which makes each bite an incredible pleasure. There's a reason why the French love their "poussin." Mini cockerels are the...
Yellow baby chicken Yellow baby chicken
84.56 zł 89.01 zł
Item weight
  • Price for 100g: 9.40 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    9.40 zł
  • Origin: France
Yellow baby chicken are France's beloved "poussin" raised naturally in free range. Thanks to a special diet based on GMO-free corn grain, they have a distinctive yellow color and extremely tender, slightly sweet meat....

Mini cockerels not only for fans of French cuisine

Of course, you can prepare them classically in the form of a roast. However, they will be perfect for a BBQ party roasted on the grill. This way of preparation will bring out even more flavor and aroma from them.

The qualities of poultry are undeniable. It is a firm and tender meat, susceptible to the aroma of the accompanying spices. It composes perfectly in both spicy, sweet and dry versions. The flavor of "poussin" will perfectly emphasize the butter loved by the French. But when buying mini cockles, you don't have to limit yourself to recipes from that country. This versatile and malleable product, you can boldly prepare in your favorite way. It is worth taking advantage of the compact size of the carcasses and serving them whole. Importantly, baby chicken does not require advanced culinary skills. Even novice cooks will conjure up memorable dishes from it.

White or yellow rooster what is the difference

In our offer baby cockerels come in two forms. Both come from breeding farms, where great attention is paid to the way they are fed. Animals receive food free of artificial and harmful ingredients. Producers choose only grains that are not genetically modified. The diet of cockerels has a huge impact on the quality of the meat and, as it turns out, on its color. The characteristic yellow color is the result of feeding based on top-quality corn grain. Thanks to this diet, yellow cockerels have a slightly sweet aftertaste to their meat, while white cockerels are more dry in flavor.



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