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Polish pork

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In our store you will find excellent Polish pork. We buy it only from reliable suppliers offering the highest quality product. Pork of high quality, this meat is extremely tasty and aromatic. It is one of Poland's culinary treasures, which we recommend with a clear conscience to our demanding customers. We recommend this excellent product to all who care about quality and taste. Offered steaks from Polish pork will be perfect both for grilling and frying in a home barbecue pan. Excellent ribs of course for BBQ and for roasting whole.

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  • Origin: Poland
Our Tomahawk chops made from Polish pork are amazing! The meat is all-natural which you can sense in the first bite. It's springy, juicy and full of flavor. The pigs were raised according to art so as to obtain a...

What the breeding looks like

The pigs offered in our store are raised on a farm. This means that farmers keep them on small farms and give them maximum attention and care. They are fed with farm feed under the watchful eye of the farmer. This is a type of extensive farming. That is, very close to organic. The animals grow much slower than industrial breeds, at a natural, sustainable pace. As a result, their meat gets excellent taste and quality.

What are the characteristics of premium pork

Premium pork is characterized by its light color. It also contains a high level of marbling due to the extensive, natural type of fattening.  A high level of marbling, or higher intramuscular fat content, adds tenderness, juiciness and tenderness to the meat. Such meat also has a tighter and firmer texture than meat raised on an industrial scale. This difference will be appreciated by all pork gourmets.



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