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Beef short ribs

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Beef short ribs, otherwise known as plate short ribs, are another proposal ideal for the low&slow culinary technique. This is a true caveman's delicacy. They are juicy, full of flavor and perfect for bbq parties. Next to the beef brisket, they are another main point of the pitmaster menu. Both American beef ribs and ribs made from marbled Polish heifers from our selection contain the right layer of fat and marbling, which during long thermal processing will guarantee amazing juiciness of the meat. Ribs will taste perfect with various bbq sauces, which you will also find in our sauces and marinades section. Try to prepare them and see how fantastic they are.

18.05 zł
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  • Origin: Spain
  • Quality assurance: BIO
Beef ribs steak BIO Spanish beef is an unusual but extremely flavorful rib cut also known as short ribs flanken style. This type of cut is loved in Argentina and Uruguay. "Asado de Tira" is an extremely tender and...
37.54 zł
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  • Origin: Poland
  • Quality assurance: Quality Meat Program (QMP)
Polish beef short ribs are perfect for BBQ technique and roasting. They come from fat young heifers of meat breeds from our cutting plant. Therefore, we are personally responsible for their quality. We make a...
157.50 zł
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  • Origin: USA
  • Quality assurance: USDA CHOICE
Beef short ribs Black Angus USA USDA CHOICE are very marbled and full of flavor. American "short ribs" will be truly outstanding if you prepare them using the BBQ technique in a smoker, on the grill or in your home...
708.84 zł
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  • Origin: Australia
At last, we have fantastic Black Angus beef ribs from Australian beef. The taste and tenderness of the meat are attributed to the method of marbling and the best meat breeds for which the Australian system of one of...

From what part of the carcass are beef ribs obtained

There are 3 types of beef ribs:

  • plate short ribs
  • chuck short ribs
  • back ribs

In our store you will find plate short ribs because they are the best for the bbq technique in our opinion. They have the largest bones and the most valuable meat on them and the right fat cover. They take part in bbq competitions. They are the tastiest. Short ribs, by definition, are not the entire length of the bone. The rib bone is cut to a length of 7 to 15 cm. The element is cut from the lower abdomen (at the height of the beef flank) and contains three or four ribs. This element can also be cut into individual ribs along the bone. This is how we cut our elements. In our plant, we prepare about 1 kg portions with one rib, this is the so-called English cut.

How to cook beef ribs

High quality beef short ribs are full of flavor (never forget fat = flavor). Make them very simple. Just salt and pepper. Cook them at low temperature for 6-7 hours. It's ready when the meat starts falling off the bone. This wonderful bone, as in other cases of bone-in elements, completes the palette of flavors of the finished dish. A large amount of connective tissue contained in the ribs obtains a fantastic buttery structure, unheard of in other beef elements. Preparing the ribs is child's play. If you don't know how to do it, check out the recipes from our blog to get started, as well as the videos on our you tube channel, where you will find full instructions on how to prepare them.



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