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Lamb skewers and lamb stew

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Check out our selection of delicious skewers and stew of tender lamb. Shashlik is one of those dishes that taste best from the grill. Maybe it's the influence of the fresh air, or maybe it's that fantastic taste and crispness of the meat on the outside and juiciness on the inside. Also check out the shashlik adana kebab, which is the quintessential aromatic oriental cuisine. Equally delicious, but recommended more for colder days, is lamb stew. An ideal choice if you need a warming, healthy and nutritious meal. Tender meat in a delicious sauce with additions of root vegetables will certainly be a good idea especially in the autumn and winter season. In summer, the stew will be perfect in a spicy version, for example, in Indian dishes.

41.65 zł
  • Origin: England
English lamb stew is perfectly sized cubes, hand-cut by skilled British butchers. Check out how grass fed lamb leg meat tastes of the highest quality. The stew cube is ready to be stuffed on skewers and grilled with...
52.50 zł
  • Origin: Bulgaria
Bulgarian lamb skewers are extremely tender diced meat. Lamb straight from sunny Bulgaria, a country known for its traditional breeding of sheep that graze in harmony with nature. A proposal basically ready for the...
42.00 zł
Ground lamb is the healthiest choice for patties, meatballs, kebabs, and other delicious treats. You can also make excellent burgers from it. It's 100% high-quality lamb meat. It contains no additives, antibiotics, or...

Refreshing taste and lightness of grilled lamb skewers

During the summer months, the diet changes. We are more eager to eat vegetables and fruits, and avoid fatty, heavy foods. The heat pouring from the sky makes us enjoy savoring refreshing flavors. Lamb in the summer climate finds itself perfectly. Everyone who loves to travel knows this. First of all, it is lean. Second, it is tender. Third, it loves the company of fresh side dishes. With mint sauce it makes an insane pair. So it should not be missed at summer BBQ events.

Facing the expectations of our customers, we have prepared two options for preparing this specialty. For the impatient and busy, we have ready-made skewers. All you need to do is put them on the grill. Those who prefer to refine the flavor of the meat themselves, or alternatively marinate it or bake it accompanied by vegetables, have lamb stew at their disposal. Admittedly, the name suggests a different purpose. But we assure you that skewers from a cut leg of lamb will come out sensational. And the fact that the meat is already cut will only make the job easier.

We also have an interesting suggestion from oriental cuisine. This is the classic adana kebab of lamb. Minced meat with spices that will take us culinarily into the fantastic world of oriental flavors.

The lamb is easily digestible and does not cause a feeling of heaviness. And the low calorie level allows you to diversify the dishes prepared from it with additives. It is a light alternative to meats and products that usually go on the grill.

Lamb stew for a cooler day or as a flavorful rendition of Asian cuisine

In general, in our cuisine we are increasingly experimenting with different international cuisines and flavors. Asian cuisine is increasingly popular in our country. Lamb leg stew will be perfect for Indian dishes.

Those who prefer more traditional flavors can successfully use lamb stew in European cuisine. It is one of the most popular and beloved dishes in Irish or English cuisine.



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