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The wild pigeon is a bird from the pigeon family, often found in forested areas. The wild pigeon differs from the commonly known urban pigeons both in appearance and habitat. They are typically migratory birds. The meat of the wild pigeon is tasty, delicate, and light. However, it is exceptionally lean and tender. Valued in traditional European cuisine for its tenderness and its natural, slightly wild, sweet flavor.

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  • Origin: England
Wild pigeon is a product that caters to the tastes of connoisseurs with the most refined palates. It's not a product that's easy to prepare. It often appears in French cuisine recipes. If you're looking for something...

How to prepare pigeon meat?

Culinary Preparation: Wild pigeons are used in various culinary dishes. They can be prepared in different ways, including roasting, stewing, grilling, or boiling.

Gourmet Dishes: The meat of wild pigeons is often considered a typical dish in fine dining restaurants. Chefs strive to bring out the unique flavor of this meat by combining it with sophisticated ingredients and culinary techniques.

Hunting Restrictions for Wild Pigeons

It's worth noting that hunting for wild birds is subject to legal regulations, and local rules regarding hunting and species conservation must be adhered to. Wild pigeons may also be subject to restrictions related to species protection, depending on the region.



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