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Buy in a set and save up to 10%! Try one of our iconic BBQ BOX sets. We have composed several thematic sets for various occasions. The sets mainly contain high-quality beef from various corners of the world. The most important thing is that when you buy in a set, you pay less for the same brilliant meat. If you order our set and you are not organizing any BBQ party, you will equip your fridge with delicious steaks for the future. 

Steak Master BBQ BOX Steak Master BBQ BOX
841.14 zł 934.61 zł
This set features the best steak items a true BBQ and BBQ master can dream up. Prime quality entrées, roastbeef and t-bones at a set-lower price. If you love premium steaks, fill your refrigerator with this set. Check...
Party Mix BBQ BOX Party Mix BBQ BOX
656.21 zł 729.12 zł
Here we have composed a fantastic set of burgers and steaks from around the world. This set is the perfect option for preparing a barbecue in a larger group. Whether you dream of a house party and cooking together or...
White & Red BBQ BOX White & Red BBQ BOX
569.27 zł 632.52 zł
One-of-a-kind delicious beef from the best Polish breeders at your fingertips. Order today by paying cheaper as a set. You'll find excellent tenderloin, ribeye and new york steaks and delicious burgers. Polish beef is...

BBQ BOX is pure profit

The menu is an important element of every successful party. Many barbecue event organizers know this. He also knows very well that meat at such an event is also of prime importance, and it is not a cheap topic. Especially if we want our guests to have a lot of culinary pleasure and we want to guarantee them high-quality meat. Therefore. To make it easier for all lovers of grilling, steaks and premium beef in general, we have created BBQ BOX sets consisting of the best meat from our offer and we have given a 10% discount on such a package.

If you are organizing a barbecue, barbeque or family dinner, during which meat is to play the first violin, choose one of our boxes. Such a price is a unique opportunity and pure profit.

Sets for grillmaster and beginner grill lover

Poles are traditionalists. Also in terms of food. However, we are slowly opening up to new flavors. Barbecue, associated for years with beer and sausage or pork neck, is changing its face. Steaks, burgers and BBQ elements appear more and more often. The change of trends is becoming more and more clear every year and in response to it we have prepared our delicious meat s.We made sure that the offer was diversified in terms of price, size and types of meat. We have something for fans of imported steaks, for lovers of beef of native origin and for lovers of experimenting with all flavors. Our favorite set is the Steak Master BBQ BOX, which includes delicious classics, such as the highest quality entrecote and roast beef steaks, supplemented with porterhouse steak. Such a set should always be in the refrigerator of a true admirer of good beef, but also an adept of the world of grilling and BBQ.

The meat included in the sets is of such high quality that anyone can easily prepare it!

Check the exact composition of each set in the product card.



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No produts were found.

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