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Bison steaks

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If you are a true fan of beef then bison will most likely win your heart as well. Eating bison meat is a delicious way to satisfy the hunger of a true caveman. The primal instinct of the carnivore makes bison steaks plenty of culinary satisfaction. The good news is that bison steaks contain much less fat and 40% more protein than beef. The taste of bison steaks, on the other hand, is very similar to that of beef. You won't find an aftertaste of venison, for example. That's because bison is 99% genetically related to domestic cattle. Thanks to these characteristics, you can enjoy the taste of red meat without remorse.

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  • Origin: Canada
Bison steak will help you organize a BBQ from the real Wild West. With its culinary qualities it resembles beef. It is characterized by tender, juicy meat with a deep and slightly grass-herbal flavor. Bison is an...

Taste of bison meat without remorse

Buffalo meat is simply delicious. It tastes like beef, is tender, flavorful and very satisfying culinarily. However, its invaluable advantage is both very low in cholesterol and high in protein. Surprisingly, bison meat is leaner than turkey or even chicken. So if your doctor said something about limiting red meat, you can safely answer him that you switched to bison, which provides a lot of valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients and contains a negligible amount of fat.

How to prepare bison steaks

Prepare bison steaks classically. Just like you prepare beef steaks. You can fry in a grill pan or on the grill. Marinate or not at your discretion. It will be delicious in any option.

Don't worry about the population

There was a time when bison were endangered, but don't worry, those days are long gone. Our bison steaks are Canadian-bred. Citing information from the Canadian Bison Association: In 1996, when the first census was conducted, there were just over 45,000 bison on 745 farms in Canada. By 2001, that number had risen to about 145,000 on nearly 1,900 farms. By 2006, the size of the breeding herds had risen to nearly 200,000 head. This number continues to grow at a rapid pace year after year. The "breeding" bison live de facto wild, on vast pastures grazing year-round even in winter. During the winter they have pasture stalls on display, however, they move fully freely over vast areas and live in a primordial, natural way just like their ancestors. All this can be sensed in the amazing taste of buffalo steaks.



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