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Lamb rump

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Lamb rump is one of the less known lamb elements in our country. However, it is very popular in England, where the highest quality lamb is produced. The British know how tasty and aromatic this piece of meat is. After proper preparation, it almost melts in your mouth. In general, lamb is a very tender and tender type of meat. The same applies to the lamb rump. This element is distinguished by the fact that it is a muscle with a very low fat content. However, it has a special fat cover, which gives it an incredibly juicy amount during thermal processing. It can be baked whole or cut into steaks and prepared on the grill or in a pan. It will be perfect in any form of preparation.

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Top-quality British lamb chump is the most preferred item by top chefs. It has a distinctive light coating of fat on the surface, which releases an abundance of juiciness and flavor into the meat during preparation....

The multitude of culinary uses of lamb rump

This tender and healthy lamb will be a hit during barbecue meetings when you prepare it in the form of aromatic steaks. If you want to make a delicious dinner with roast lamb in the main role, it will also work with flying colors here. You can bake it whole after marinating it. Or cut into smaller pieces and serve as a stew. Use the grill if you're pressed for time. Make skewers from the seasoned meat. And if you do not need this type of variety, bake loose portions on the grill. It is important to let the meat rest for a few minutes before serving. Choose the spices according to your preferences, the rump will adapt to your choice. If you need inspiration, check out the recipes on our blog.

Delicate taste and a portion of health in one

Lamb, apart from nutritional values ​​such as: easily digestible protein, low calorific value or richness of amino acids, is very tasty and delicate. The same applies to the lamb hipster. It comes from the anterior part of the sacral region. It is one of the most fragile and easiest pieces to work with. Therefore, it is great for short thermal processing, such as frying steaks. It has short fibers, and the omega fats contained in it guarantee adequate juiciness.

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