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Lamb hind shank

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Lamb shank is a real injection of youth on a plate. This delicacy, which is very popular in Western European countries, does not arouse proper interest in Poland. It's a pity, because lamb shank is a really special meat. It is perfect for stews and goulash. First of all, it is very rich in collagen and after suffocation it becomes extremely delicate, almost buttery in taste, melting in the mouth. Collagen, on the other hand, has a beneficial effect on our joints and skin. It's a real injection of youth without having to visit the surgeon's office. In addition, it is low in fat and incredibly tasty.

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  • Origin: England
English bone-in lamb shank is excellent for long cooking at low temperature. The element is very lean and full of valuable connective tissue, which, when dissolved, gives the meat a buttery texture and incredibly rich...

Lamb shank (in Polish golonka) vs pork "golonka" 

This name can be confusing. The pork "golonka" comes from a completely different element in the carcass. The lamb shank is part of the leg (shin). Stereotypes in the kitchen, however, are nothing new and can easily be confused due to similar nomenclature. According to them, the pork golonka must be: large, covered with greasy skin and bathed in beer. This is how the pork is served.

Lamb has nothing to do with it. It contains a small amount of fat because it is a motor, working muscle. The meat is compact and rich in nutrients and vitamins characteristic of lamb. And above all, the richness of connective tissue and collagen, which is necessary for athletes, for example. It is recommended for people who have problems with the digestive system, because it is easily digestible. The protein it contains is easily digestible.

The perfect portion

Like french racks, lamb shank is served on the bone. It gives a nice visual effect after cooking, so you can prepare it for a special occasion for a family dinner or a date. To prepare a family meal for several people, it is best to prepare two. A single or a couple will surely eat one piece.



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