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If you are looking for the best barbecue meat you have come to the right place. In our meat shop you will find aged, marbled Wagyu and Black Angus beef. Check out our wide selection of steaks and burgers. Also check out lamb steaks and authentic Iberico pork. Take the art of BBQ to the next level with us!

Beef Burger

Polish beef burger with Quality Meat Program (QMP) certificate 200g - frozen product

Catalogue index: Woł000299

Delicious Polish burgers from our production. The burgers include the highest quality 100% beef. Burgers have an optimal fat content which makes them exceptionally juicy after frying.

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Zebra steak

On skin pack tray 250g. - frozen product

Catalogue index: Mię000025

African game on your grill. Order the zebra leg steak and go on a culinary safari.

$6.66 gross gross
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Polish beef brisket 3,2 kg

High quality product from young cattle, selected marbled beef.

Catalogue index: Woł000454

Perfect for low & slow cooking. Beef from the best Polish farms. Cook it e.g. Texas style like a real BBQ master.

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$46.35 gross gross
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Burgery wołowe na desce

Na to pytanie można znaleźć bardzo wiele odpowiedzi. Ilu szefów kuchni i grill masterów tyle opinii. W tym artykule zamieściliśmy nasze rekomendacje w tym temacie. Bazujemy na swojej znajomości mięsa oraz na poradach specjalistów od kulinariów, którzy dzielili się z nami swoimi przemyśleniami :).


Plastry masła aromatyzowanego

Doskonałym dodatykiem do steków jest oczywiście masło. Szczególnych walorów smakowych dodaje różnego rodzaju masło aromatyzowane.

marynata tex mex w misce

Pewne steki takie jak skirt steak czy flank steak idealnie pasują do marynaty tex mex. Bardzo popularne steki w USA i Meksyku serwowane jako fajitas lub tacos.

ścięte żółtko jajka

Ścięte w soli żółtko jajka to doskonały i bardzo prosty w przygotowaniu dodatek do steka wołowego. Świetnie wygląda i napewno zaskoczy smakiem ciebie i twoich gości podczas grillowej imprezy.

Beef shank boneless - Polish beef 0,5kg

High quality Polish beef with QMP certificate - frozen product

Catalogue index: Woł000490

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$5.42 gross gross
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Perfect for baking whole with the low & slow method, the legendary USA beef brisket. Try to prepare it like a real Texan BBQ master.

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$167.26 gross gross
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Polish striploin steak from young cattle of meat breeds is a perfect proposition for all those who appreciate the unique taste of beef.

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$9.75 gross gross
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Lamb gulash 400g

Excellent Bulgarian lamb for stew - frozen product

Catalogue index: Jag000190

Lamb leg stew cube simple and quick to prepare.

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$11.91 gross gross
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Lamb Shoulder - British lamb

Boneless rolled shoulder for roast vacuum packed - frozen product

Catalogue index: Jag000155

The delicate meat of a lamb shoulder is a perfect proposition for a healthy and delicious dinner every day and for holidays.

$42.29 gross gross
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Green New Zealand Lamb Saddle is a fantastic ingredient for baking whole or for chops and grilling. The meat is extremely delicate and tasty, appreciated by lamb lovers all over the world.

$65.71 gross gross
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Iberian pork plume 1kg

Extremely tender back muscle from Iberian pigs - frozen product

Catalogue index: Wie000031

Perfect for a barbecue. Very simple and quick to prepare, and extremely juicy and tender.

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$49.35 gross gross
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Secreto 0.7 kg - Iberico Pork Spain

A super crispy and juicy piece of pork from the shoulder blade cut - frozen product

Catalogue index: Wie000030

Perfect for grilling and frying in a pan.

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$42.71 gross gross
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$21.45 gross gross
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Roe deer leg 0,95 kg

A delicate and full of aroma roe deer leg - frozen product

Catalogue index: Inn000100

A roe deer leg is a very tasty and delicate meat that is perfect for roasting or cooking.

End of stock
$32.57 gross gross
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Venison leg boneless

Tender Polish game - frozen product

Catalogue index: Inn000106

Out of stock
$22.67 gross gross
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Wild boar ham 0,5kg

Delicious wild boar ham - frozen product

Catalogue index: Inn000111

Aromatic wild boar ham is the perfect lunch idea. The cold version also is undoubtedly suitable for breakfast or dinner.

$9.35 gross gross
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Delicate French guinea fowl fillet (frozen)

French Guinea 300g - frozen product

Catalogue index: Inn000055

French guinea fowl fillet delights with its exceptional delicacy and juiciness. A great, healthy alternative to chicken.

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$7.88 gross gross
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French baby chicken 2x450g

Yellow baby chicken - frozen product

Catalogue index: Dró000001

The beloved mini yellow cousters called "poussin" in France can be found in your home today. Discover the unique taste, delicate, juicy meat of corn chickens.

$14.35 gross gross
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Goose Foie gras 1 kg

Extremely tender and delicious - frozen product

Catalogue index: Poz000035

Out of stock
$44.96 gross gross
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Behind the online store BBQ.PL stands a Polish, family-run company Tendermeat sp. z o.o. . We are a producer of an excellent Polish premium beef and a distributor of imported meats. For more than 20 years we have been making every effort to deliver the highest quality meat to the most demanding customers among restaurants and delicatessen. From our passion and love for high quality food, the idea of an online store was born. We wanted to create a place on the web where you can quickly and conveniently choose fantastic meat for any occasion. Our offer is based on proven, certified meats from the best producers from all over the world. We hope that they will provide you with many exciting culinary experiences and will make numerous meetings with friends and family more pleasant.


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