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Guinea fowl

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The guinea fowl is a medium-sized, interestingly colored bird that hides a real treasure under its feathers. The meat from guinea fowl resembles a bit of pheasant in taste, but is much easier to prepare. It is also much more springy and juicy. There was a time when this species, which originated in Africa, inhabited most Polish farms. It was valued for its ease of breeding, which, thanks to its low requirements and low cost, provided incredibly tasty and nutritious meat. Years later, it is returning to tables in a big way. There is nothing surprising about this because it is one of the healthiest types of poultry and the tastiest. 

43.03 zł
  • Price for 100g: 14.34 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    14.34 zł
  • Origin: France
Guinea fowl fillet delights with its outstanding tenderness and juiciness of meat. It is a wonderful, healthy alternative to chicken meat. The French are known for their love of premium poultry, so they go to great...
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  • Price for 100g: 7.41 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    7.41 zł
  • Origin: France
Guinea fowl has extremely tender and flavorful meat, which is a source of vitamins and valuable proteins with a very low fat content. It is an excellent choice for anyone concerned about a healthy diet. It is ideal...

The most important quality and taste of guinea fowl meat

Poultry currently does not have the best reputation nevertheless it is the clear leader in Poland in terms of the amount consumed in kg per capita. Information about the ways and duration of conventional chicken breeding, as well as the amount of antibiotics in their meat, may discourage conscious consumers from buying them.

For the sake of our customers' health, we have introduced guinea fowl fillets and carcasses, which are raised completely in accordance with nature. This is a premium poultry that can provide a healthy alternative. It should be of interest to those following a healthy diet and those dreaming of losing weight. It will also be excellent for diabetics. The meat of this bird is easily digestible and rich in amino acids, as well as phosphorus, magnesium and iron. And above all the health benefits, it also has a delicious, natural taste that we remember from our childhood.

How to prepare guinea fowl

For those who have less faith in their culinary talent, we assure you that guinea fowl is very simple and quick to prepare. In terms of appearance and taste, it resembles a bit of wild fowl such as pheasant. But what works in its favor is that it is cheaper and much less demanding to cook. Unlike the aforementioned pheasant, it is very tender and crisp. So there is no need to leave it to tenderize or marinate before heat treatment. Of course, this can be done to give the meat a more pronounced flavor.

It is characterized by a very wide variety of culinary uses. It is perfect for broth, for roasting, on the grill or as an addition to a salad. It will work well both in the company of expressive additives such as oranges and delicate wine.

When preparing, follow the recipe exactly. It is a lean meat, a moment's inattention can lead to its drying out. Recipes can be found on our blog.



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