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Beef shank

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A beef shank is a ridge. Most often we meet it in stores as "a piece of beef for broth". In our store you will find delicious boneless beef shank from young Polish heifers. This meat is very different from what you will find in discount stores. It is made of selected cattle from the best Polish breeding. It has a bright color and lots of valuable collagen. And at the same time it is incredibly tasty after preparation. You can cook a fantastic goulash or a great stew with it. Ideally, use a pressure cooker, throw in some spices and fresh vegetables, and forget about cooking for a few hours. Then enjoy a fantastic, warming dish with your family and loved ones.

26.83 zł
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  • Price for 100g: 5.37 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    5.37 zł
  • Origin: Poland
  • Quality assurance: Quality Meat Program (QMP)
Boneless beef shank from noble Polish beef is by far the best element for stew. We source it from young, fatty heifers. It is full of connective tissue and precious collagen that gives the meat its extraordinary...

What characterizes a beef shin (beef shank)

Forget that the beef shank is meat that is only good for broth. If you order high-quality meat, you will be able to conjure up tasty, warming bottoms from it. Beef from young cattle does not require stewing for half a day. After 2-3 hours it will be tender and delicious. We love this item for:

  • Easy to prepare - cut or cook whole with your favorite vegetables and spices - throw into the pot and forget about cooking;
  • A large amount of easily assimilable collagen - the health benefits of this element are invaluable for everyone who cares about healthy joints and firm skin. It is also a lean element full of valuable protein;
  • Affordable price - has a very attractive price-quality ratio;
  • Excellent taste - this is delicious meat that literally melts in the mouth and is full of flavor due to the fact that it belongs to the group of motor muscles and this taste is actually built into the structure of the meat.



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