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Tri tip steak

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Tri tip steak is a fantastic steak cut from the cap of top sirloin. It is a leg muscle located near the back of the beef carcass. This steak (if it is cut from high-quality beef) is distinguished by a really large excess of marbling. Despite the beautiful marbling, it will not be as tender as the ribeye. It will put a little more resistance on the tooth, similar to striploin. It will also have fantastic, intense meaty aroma. It is appreciated by fans of beefy flavor. It also has a characteristic strip of fat on one of the edges of the steak. This is another similarity to strip steak. The triangular shape of the muscle makes the steaks cut out of it have quite irregular shapes. But they are quite thick, so regardless of shape, they will be great on the grill.

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  • Origin: USA
  • Quality assurance: USDA CHOICE
Tri tip steak Black Angus USA is also known as "The Newport" or "Santa Maria" and is very popular in California and South America. It is cut by our butchers from the rump muscle which gives it plenty of meaty flavor....

What part do we cut a tri tip steak from

Tri tip steak is hand cut in our factory from the highest quality American Black Angus beef. We import the cooled elements (triangular muscle M. tensor fasciae), then portion them into steaks and vacuum pack. This steak is distinguished by a very large overgrowth of marbling, which guarantees juiciness and flavor.

How to cook a tri tip steak

Remember that it contains a very large amount of marbling. We need to dissolve this fat so that the juices penetrate well into the entire structure of the meat and give it a delicious, buttery taste. For this we need a very well-heated pan or a very hot grill. We turn this steak over and over until the sugars on its surface are caramelized well. It is a leg muscle, so it is not the most tender. Therefore, you can marinade it a bit and keep it in the fridge for a few hours. For example, with some slightly tenderizing marinade with the addition of sour pineapple or lime juice. It has such an intense meat flavor that the marinade will not dominate it so easily. However, marinating is not necessary. Aged American black angus beef without marinating will also be incredibly tender, juicy and tasty even in the case of leg muscles.



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