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Beef ossobuco

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Ossobuco is a slice of beef shank on the bone. This excellent portion of meat is an "invention" of Italian cuisine. We tend to associate Milan today with the fashion capital, but it is said to be the birthplace of Italy's most classic dish Ossobuco (literally translated as bone with a hole). It's been a few years since braised shank steak with a distinctive bone began to grace the tables of Lombardy in the 19th century, and it still doesn't go out of style. A perfect culinary choice for colder days. With a little red wine and spicy vegetables, when cooked long enough, it will melt in the mouth. The collagen contained in the char, not only is very healthy, but in addition will give your dish plenty of buttery, delicious flavor.

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  • Origin: Spain
  • Quality assurance: BIO
BIO Spanish beef ossobuco is a simple recipe for a very healthy, delicious dish. It is a classic in Italian cuisine that beef lovers have come to love around the world. It is made to braise with root vegetables and...

Characteristics of ossobuco

The ossobuco is cut from the beef shank. It is a muscle that does an incredible amount of motor work. As a result, it is full of intense, delicious, meaty flavor. Consequently, it is a very tough muscle. In order to soften the tissues properly and dissolve the collagen, a long heat treatment at a low temperature is required. Therefore, braising or pressure cooking is best for this element.

To whom we recommend ossobuco

For its taste and flavor, we definitely recommend it to any meat lover. What is very important, ossobuco contains plenty of easily digestible collagen. It provides an excellent portion of this ingredient, which is especially needed by athletes. But everyone will need it to keep their joints fit and their skin firm. The best part is that you can conjure up a tasty, melt-in-your-mouth dish from beef shank. That is, healthy can be delicious.



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