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Hanger steak

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The poetry of taste for true connoisseurs is Hanger steak, also known as hanging tender, or butcher steak. Well prepared, it will be delicate, buttery, melting in your mouth. In Polish, the name does not sound very "sexi". It is called an ox candle. Everyone who knows this steak knows perfectly well that this "ugly duckling" grilled with flavor "takes no prisoners". Hanger steak is incredibly overgrown with marbling, which gives it an unearthly taste, juiciness and tenderness. Due to the fact that this muscle does practically no motor work while the animal is moving, it is one of the most delicate and delicious steaks perfect for a grill.

Hanger steak young heifer Hanger steak young heifer
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  • Origin: Poland
Hanger steak, and that too from a young heifer. It must be admitted that it already promises to be an excellent feast and is one of our most delicious steaks. It may not look very visually appealing, but in terms of...
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  • Origin: USA
  • Quality assurance: USDA CHOICE
Hanger steak Black Angus USA is called butcher steak because over the years it has always been taken by butchers who know how valuable it is. This muscle is relatively scarce in the carcass. It is not too large and,...

How to grill hanger steak

It can be prepared in many ways. It is very simple to prepare. However, you need to do some minor butchering before grilling. It consists of two parts. A tendon runs centrally through the center and needs to be excised. You can also gently clean it of excess fat. Precise instructions on how to prepare it are included in a video on our you tube channel.

You should also remember not to overcook it, because it will lose a lot of its tenderness. Medium rare is best for it. As in the case of flat iron, skirt steak and flank steak, the muscle fibers are arranged horizontally. So we remember to properly cut it across the fibers. After grilling, you can clearly see how these fibers run, so there is no problem with that. All of these steaks are perfect for a barbecue, but you can also successfully prepare them on a grill pan.

This steak is also worth trying in the tartare version. It has an amazing, meaty taste and will also be perfect in this version.



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