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Cowboy steak

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Giant ribeye steak with bone from Polish, marbled, aged beef. In this cut, the rib bone left is slightly longer than in the cote de boeuf, but shorter than in the tomahawk steak. The significant cutting height of the steak makes it look monumental after preparation both on the grill and on the serving board. The rib bone ensures that the ribeye, the king of steaks, is even more delicious. Exactly the same as with tomahawk steak and cote de boeuf. It will be best cooked medium rare. It's so delicious that it doesn't need to be marinated first. Just enjoy the excellent taste of beef seasoning only with salt and pepper after frying.

88.04 zł
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  • Price for 100g: 22.01 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    22.01 zł
  • Origin: Poland
Cowboy steak Polish marbled beef is a high-quality meat ideal for the barbecue. This steak is selected from cattle raised in Poland with a high level of marbling, which is the characteristic intramuscular fat...
135.60 zł
  • Price for 100g: 19.37 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    19.37 zł
  • Origin: Poland
Our Polish Cowboy dry-aged steak can without hesitation be compared to those served at the best steakhouses in New York. Simply put, there is no better steak. Soft, silky texture and buttery, full flavor of beef. Plus...

What part of the carcass does the Cowboy steak come from

The cowboy steak comes from a whole primerib with the rib bones trimmed to leave about 8 cm of bone sticking out. This is a group of dorsal muscles, which consists of 3 different muscles plus a French-style bone (so-called French cut), i.e. cleaned of meat. Thanks to this, we get a very spectacular, thick slice of beef finished with a nice, medium-length bone. The ribeye is one of the best steak cuts in the carcass. Bone during heat treatment improves the taste even more.

What kind of beef are our steaks made of

We prepare our steaks from Polish beef from young cattle selected for marbling. We order the entire element and then age it in our plant. After maturation process, we portion and pack individually in vacuum. After packing, the steaks are professionally frozen.



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