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Bone in striploin steak

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Bone in striploin steak is cut from the shortloin in the part closest to the neck. There is no tenderloin here, as in the case of T-bone steak, or it is of a trace size. But the bone has a similar shape. This steak has all the culinary qualities of roast beef, additionally enhanced by the aroma from the bones, which is released into the meat during preparation. This is an excellent choice for a barbecue. A real "male" steak, great to gnaw on that tasty bone in the finale. It is also relatively attractively priced. In our store you will find bone in striploin steak from the highest quality American black angus beef that will literally melt in your mouth.

140.55 zł
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  • Price for 100g: 31.23 zł
  • Price for 100g:
    31.23 zł
  • Origin: USA
  • Quality assurance: USDA CHOICE
Strip steak bone in Black Angus USA USDA CHOICE is cut by our skilled butchers from the shortloin element closest to the neck. Before cutting, it is aged on the bone for a minimum of 40 days to give the meat even more...

How we prepare your bone in strip steaks 

In our facility, we manually cut into steaks, a whole, aged item called a shortloin. This piece is the part of the back with the spine bone, which when cut creates a beautiful T in T-bone and Porterhouse steaks. The piece has striploin on one side of the bone and tenderloin on the other. While the striploin has a regular shape along its entire length, the tenderloin narrows up the back. In the place where we start to cut bone in striploin steaks, there is no more tenderloin. Excess, protruding T-bone from the tenderloin side is trimmed nicely to give a prettier shape to our steaks.

What kind of beef are the steaks made of

Bone in striploin steaks in our store are the highest quality American black angus beef. It cannot be confused with any other. It will be crispy, aromatic and epically juicy every time. It matured for a minimum of 40 days, so that at the end the grillmaster received the perfect raw material for his grill.



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